Renewable Energy Upgrades To Consider For Your Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is the perfect opportunity to add renewable energy to your home. There are many options to consider, such as solar hot water heaters, floor heating powered by solar energy or geothermal HVAC upgrades to provide energy for HVAC and other mechanical systems. Here are some of the renewable energy upgrades to consider for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects:

1. Geothermal Energy for HVAC And More When You Remodel

When you are making major changes to your home, this is a good time to also consider geothermal HVAC. The geothermal loop can be one of two types; loops may be buried beneath soil to a certain depth, or they can utilize a drilled well. For remodeling, drilling the well for a geothermal loop will reduce excavations that can make a mess of your landscaping. The geothermal heat exchange can be used to provide energy for HVAC and hot water needs in your home.

2. Solar Water Heaters to Provide Hot Water for Your Home

Solar water heaters are another way you can use thermal energy when doing renovations to kitchens and bathrooms. The solar water heater is a collector that is installed on your roof, and it provides energy to a conventional water heater. It may also be integrated into the design of the HVAC system to aid in heating your home. If the solar collector is also going to be used with HVAC, you will want to talk with the contractor about adding additional storage tanks to store energy from the collectors.

3. Solar Panels to Power in Floor Heating Elements or Energy Efficient Lighting

Solar panels are another option that are a good investment when doing major home remodeling projects. The solar panels in a small array can be used to power small electrical needs, such as a heating element in a bathroom in-floor heating system. It can also be used for things like efficient lighting upgrades. You will want to talk with your contractor about the different options for solar panel arrays. More solar panels will mean you can power more with the panels, but it will be costlier. To keep the costs down, even a couple of panels for small electrical needs will benefit your home.

With an investment in renewable energy when you remodel your home, you will get a return on your investment from the energy savings. Contact an HVAC and plumbing contractor to help with these improvements for your remodeling project.