Hidden Causes Of A Smelly Bathroom

If you find yourself holding your nose every time you walk into the bathroom, don't think you're not doing a good job cleaning. The reason for the foul odors could be something much harder to detect, like a plumbing issue. If you've been dealing with a stench you can't fix, learn about some of these common plumbing concerns so that you can make the right repairs.  Dry P-Trap The U-shaped pipe you see underneath the bathroom sink is known as the P-Trap, which helps keep the odorous gases within the drain line from traveling out the drain. Read More 

Why Sewer Drains Clog And Two Ways To Fix The Problem

A clogged sewer line is a big problem since it affects the drains and toilets in your home. When it's blocked completely, you could have a plumbing disaster to deal with if someone uses a toilet or takes a shower. In some cases, sewage might even back up into your house and overflow onto the floor or ooze into your tub. This problem can be avoided by having your sewer line cleaned out when it first shows signs of slow movement. Read More 

3 Things You Should Know If Buying A House With A Septic System

Moving from a home that has a city sewer connection to one that has a septic system has several key differences you should know about before you move in. A septic system at a home is designed just for the home itself, and it is your responsibility to maintain this system. Before you buy the house, here are several things you should know when it comes to owning a house that has its own septic system. Read More 

Sewer Clog Prevention For Homeowners

One of the most annoying problems any homeowner must face is a clogged sewer line. Serious clogs can cause backups, which create an unwanted mess in your home. As is often the case, the best answer to this issue is prevention. Here are some of the best tips to ensuring that your sewer line functions effectively and remains clog free. Enzyme Cleaners A great way to reduce the chances of getting clogged sewer lines is to keep all your drains clear by treating them with an enzyme cleaner. Read More 

4 Benefits Of Sewer Camera Inspection

Not every clogged drain can be fixed with a plunger or snake — a tool that is a thin, flexible wire auger fed down pipes. And unbeknownst to most, chemicals should never be used to unclog a pipe. These caustic chemicals can damage your pipes, and they can severely injure or blind you or a plumber when they don't work, and you finally decide to call a professional. You can thank technology for another tool plumbers have at their disposal today — sewer camera inspection services. Read More