Call a Plumber: What to Do When Sewage Is Coming Out of Plumbing Fixtures

Does toxic water from the sewerage system keep seeping into your home through the cracks of plumbing fixtures? The problem is likely caused from a backed up sewer line and it must be repaired in a timely manner because the sewage can harm your health. Below, you will find out how a plumber can stop sewage from coming out of plumbing fixtures and clean the waste up to keep you safe.

How Can a Plumber Stop the Sewage?

A plumber will stop sewage from coming out of the cracks of plumbing fixtures by first finding out why it is happening. Sewage coming out of multiple plumbing fixtures is a sign that the main sewer line is backed up, so it will be the first place that is inspected. The main sewer line is located under the ground, so the plumber will try to avoid digging up your landscape by simply placing a camera in the system.

The camera is different than the ones used for personal use, as it is designed to travel through sewage and capture images of the inside of the pipe. The images can be viewed on a monitor as the camera makes its way through the sewerage system. It is common for tree roots to damage sewer lines and allow dirt to seep through cracks, which may be the problem.

If there are cracks in the pipe, the plumber will have to proceed by digging up the landscape to reach it. Depending on the severity of damage caused by the tree roots, the main sewer line may have to be repaired or replaced. When the main problem is taken care of, the plumber will work to get rid of the sewage in your home.

How Can a Plumber Clean Up the Sewage?

The plumber will first seal up the cracks surrounding your plumbing fixtures with a commercial grade of putty. The putty will prevent the problem from happening again if the sewerage system backs up. A pump may be used to pump the sewage out of your home if there is a lot of it, and your carpet will be cleaned for the safety of your health.

Pay attention to the putty around your plumbing fixtures to make sure repairs are made before your home is flooded with sewage again. Always leave the handling of toxic sewage to a plumbing contractor such as G K Mechanical (1997) Ltd to avoid putting your health at risk.