4 Quick Home Heating Fixes You Can Make On Your Own

If you notice that you are having problems with the heating system in your home, you may want to take matters into your own hands before hiring professionals. This is because there are quite a few small fixes you can easily make yourself before you need to bring in professional help. Here are four quick home heating fixes to consider:

  1. Check the Thermostat: First thing's first, you want to check the thermostat. Many homeowners don't realize that their thermostat was not set correctly, is accidentally set to cool instead of heat, or needs new batteries. Checking these few things on the thermostat is quick, simple, and generally resolves the problems you thought might have been a deeper issue. 
  2. Clean the Filter: A clogged filter is going to prevent the heat from flowing through the home. This means it is going to take longer to heat up your home, which is something you might notice. Simply cleaning the filter can usually resolve this. You may need to replace the filter though if you don't have reusable filters, so be sure that you check on that first before cleaning. 
  3. Check the Pilot Light: The pilot light on the furnace may need to be re-lit, so be sure that you check this. If your furnace doesn't have a pilot light, then it may be that the gas valve needs to be turned back on. Check if it's in the off position. It may have been shut off on accident or you may have forgotten to turn it back on after turning it off while on vacation. 
  4. Check the Registers: Finally, you want to be sure that the registers are open in every room. Otherwise, your home is going to fluctuate in temperature, which is why you may be noticing a problem of it being hot and then cold. Besides, having closed registers while the heat is on can actually make the heater work harder to heat the home, which costs more in energy costs and causes the heater to break down more quickly. 

When you know these four quick home heating fixes, you can be sure that you can quickly resolve the problem on your own before taking the time out to hire a professional. However, if the problem runs deeper than this, you need to call a professional. Making heating repairs that are more extensive on your own can potentially be disastrous and even dangerous for you and your home.