Is Your Air Conditioner System Biting The Dust? Here’s How To Tell

Most people in the United States are fortunate enough to have in-home air conditioning systems, which really come in handy during those hot summer months. Unfortunately, however, even the best air conditioning systems can sometimes go "on the fritz." You can reduce the chances of this happening unexpectedly by having your system serviced regularly; the age and other factors will determine how regularly it will require servicing. However, even if you do that, there is still a chance that your system could one day just go bad and stop working. However, when this happens, there are typically some warning signs leading up to the fact. So, if you want to greatly reduce the risk of suddenly finding yourself without a home cooling system, familiarize yourself with the signs of a failing air conditioner and, if you notice them, seek help from a plumber or HVAC professional right away.

Warning Sign #1: Cold Air Is a Thing of the Past

To start off with, one of the major indicators that something is not right with your cooling unit is if you suddenly notice that it has stopped putting out cold air or even that the air it's putting out isn't quite as cold as it used to be. This can often be a gradual change, so try your best to be perceptive.

A good way to test the coolness of the air is to stand in front of the vents regularly; that way, you'll know how your air should feel and will thus be able to more easily notice any small changes in air temperature.

A lot of things could be the cause of a lack of cold air or hotter than normal air. Some potential problems include a failing or broken compressor, low fluid levels, or clogged vents. The only way to know for sure what the problem is, however, is to have a professional take a look.

Warning Sign #2: You Are Hearing Strange Sounds

Another indicator that something may not be quite right with your cooling unit is if it suddenly starts making strange noises. Really, any unusual sounds are cause for concern, but some of the most common "bad noises" are squealing or grinding sounds.

Such sounds could indicate that you have a problem with your compressor, an internal system part or piece, or with the overall setup of your cooling system. Again, seek help from a professional.

In fact, professionals are always the people to turn to whether you notice these signs or any other out of the ordinary occurrences with your cooling system. Remember, the sooner you get help from a professional, the less likely it is that your system will be damaged beyond repair! For more information, check with companies like Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, Inc.