A Checklist For Taking Over A New Commercial Space

Congratulations on your new commercial space! While there are many exciting possibilities that come with opening a new business location, there are also many practical things to shore up as you begin to operate. Each of the items on this list are critical when you want to avoid business risks and be the best business you can be.

Consult a Locksmith

Before you start storing your business property within the space, the first thing you want to do is consult a locksmith. They will start by re-keying the locks on the commercial space. You only want people authorized by your business to enter the property; you don't want any past tenants or maintenance people to unwittingly have access to your property.

Aside from lock re-keying, you might want to discuss options for setting up additional security on the property. Many commercial spaces have smart locks so that building managers can keep an eye on comings and goings in the building, but if your building doesn't have this technology, it's worth considering in your budget. Surveillance cameras are also a great place to beef up your new space's security.

Make Sure Everything Works

Hopefully, you have had a thorough inspection of the property before you signed any paperwork. If you have a landlord, letting them know about problems with the property early on is the best course of action; they may think the issues were your fault if they are found later. You're more likely to get help with maintenance and to not be held responsible for the damage if you bring it up early. So check with an electrician, a commercial plumbing team like Power Pro Plumbing, and a heating inspector to find existing problems and get them fixed.

Consider the Layout

The current layout of your building may be what worked for the previous tenants, but that doesn't mean it has to work for you. Find out what is acceptable renovation by your landlord. Something like changing a paint coat or installing a new lighting centerpiece could dramatically change the look of the space. Even using dividing walls and unique work spaces makes a big difference to how the space will be used, and it's a great time to look into it when you're starting with a blank slate.

Monitor Energy Usage

Finally, make sure that you set up monitors for electricity, water, and gas usage from the start. You could correct the most inefficient areas, but it also lets you know when something has started to behave incorrectly.