Why Professional Plumbing Help Is A Good Idea For Leaky Faucets

Every year, millions of leaky faucets develop across the nation. These leaks are usually quite small at first but can become a serious issue given enough time. That's just one reason why it is a good idea always to get professional plumbing help if you have a leaky faucet.

A Leaking Faucet Is An Expensive Issue

When you have a drip occurring in your faucet, you are losing upwards of 7-10 gallons every day. However, you may be losing more if the drop is more persistent. This kind of water loss is a nearly criminal waste of money. One leaking faucet will cost you to lose 20 dollars every year. However, faster and more persistent leaks can cost over $200.

Even worse, a leak is something that can spread to other areas of a sink and cause even more issues. That extra water pressure could quickly spread throughout the length of a faucet and put extreme strain on delicate areas. That strain could cause expensive plumbing pipe breaks that require serious repairs.

Fixing A Leaky Faucet Can Take A Very Short Time

The silly thing about a leaking faucet is that it shouldn't take you that long to fix. Most people should be able to sit down and fix a leaky faucet in no more than an hour. This process requires a few plumbing wrenches and a new faucet head. All told, it could take you even less than an hour.

However, this process can be complicated if you make mistakes while installing it. In fact, you could very easily misunderstand where the leak developed and spend hours trying to stop a leak from happening. In these situations, a professional is a necessity.

When A Professional Is Necessary

In many instances, it may be a wise decision to contact a professional about a leaky faucet. There are a few reasons why this is a good idea. First of all, a professional can more quickly identify the source of the leak. Amateurs such as yourself may spend an excessive amount of time trying to locate and fix a leak that may not even be occurring in a faucet.

Just as importantly, a professional can swap out a leaky faucet without making any common errors. For example, you may tighten the faucet too tightly on the end and strip it out. When this happens, the leak around the faucet is likely to get worse, or the faucet may even fall off of the end of the sink pipe and cause more serious leaking issues.

Therefore, it is critical to reach out to a professional plumbing service like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing about these issues and to take steps to address them. These skilled specialists can quickly fix your leaky faucet and keep you from losing hundreds of dollars a year.