Is Your Sewer Line Leaking? Here’s What You Need to Know

A leaking sewer line is a serious problem for any homeowner, and it will require prompt attention to address. While this is a major problem to encounter, homeowners are frequently unprepared to address it. This can lead to them feeling more stress or having a higher likelihood of making mistakes. Due to these factors, you may want to review some common questions and answers concerning sewer line leaks.

What Could Cause the Sewer Line to Start Leaking?

There are a number of reasons that a sewer line may start to leak. If your sewer line is made of concrete, it can be possible for the concrete to develop large cracks and microfractures that can allow water to leak out. Individuals with metal sewer lines will find that they can become corroded enough to allow holes to form in them. In addition to these issues, it can also be possible for the roots of trees or other large plants to enter the sewer line, which could allow water to leak out. Lastly, those living in areas with earthquakes can find that these events can shift the sewer line enough to cause it to rupture or completely detach from the home.

How Can the Cause of the Leak Be Confirmed?

It may seem as though confirming the presence of a sewer line leak will be difficult, yet camera sewer line inspections can identify these leaks without causing major disruptions to life in your home. These inspections work by having the technician insert a specially designed camera into the sewer line. This camera will travel along the length of the sewer line, and it will provide real-time footage to the technician. If a leak is identified on video, the approximate location of it can be determined. By providing a copy of these results to the repair contractors, you will be able to greatly help them with repairing your home's sewer line.

Will the Sewer Line Always Have to Be Excavated to Be Repaired?

In most instances, it will be necessary to excavate the soil around the damaged section of the sewer line to repair it. This is necessary due to the fact that it is the only way to accurately ascertain the extent of the damage to the exterior of the pipe and to apply patches or to replace the compromised section. By providing you with an accurate understanding of the position of the leak, a camera inspection will be able to help reduce the amount of excavation work that must be done.

​If you suspect a sewer line leak, act now. Call a plumbing repair company, such as Sparrow & Sons Plumbing and Heating​, to schedule an appointment.