3 Features Every Country-Rustic Kitchen Must Have

Open up your pick of home magazines and you will probably find at least one photo layout of a house that is all decked out in country charm. Some people do love updated and modern, but there are just as many who love the draw of the more simplistic ways of the past. Therefore, country-rustic kitchens are hugely popular, and this style probably isn't going to wane anytime soon. If you have reached out to a kitchen remodeling service and are in the planning stages of your upcoming kitchen makeover, remember that effectively achieving country-rustic charm in the kitchen comes down to the smaller details. Here are a few features every country-rustic kitchen must have:

Open Shelving 

You don't have to sacrifice all of your cabinetry enclosures to achieve a country-rustic appearance. After all, even old-fashioned kitchens did have some form of cabinetry most of the time. What you should do, however, is make sure there is some kind of open shelving in the kitchen space. This could be one section of open-style cabinets, an integrated wall shelf, or something similar. The idea here is to have a place to display some of those typical kitchen items, such as dishes or canisters. 

Farmhouse-Style Sink

When doing a kitchen remodel, you have to consider everything down to the kitchen sink, and in the case of country-rustic kitchen design, the sink you choose is really important. You would not walk into an old country kitchen and find a shiny, stainless steel double sink. What you would find is a large porcelain-finished farmhouse-style sink. If you're not big on dropping from a double sink down to only one, consider installing a farmhouse sink that has a concealable second sink that hides under a section of hinged countertop to hide it. 


This feature can be as broad or limited as you choose, but in essence, the more wood you have showing in your country-rustic kitchen, the more it is going to actually feel like a kitchen from days gone by. Wood flooring, crudely finished wooden cabinetry, wooden countertops, wooden beams across the ceiling—these are all pretty good examples of ways you can integrate a more basic finish into the visual atmosphere. Some people prefer to keep the basic wood finishes to a minimum, kind of a like a highlight. For example, they may have a wooden pan rack hanging as a centerpiece over a natural wood kitchen island.

When you're ready to remodel your kitchen and get that country-rustic style you've been longing for, contact companies like In & Out Plumbing & Construction for more information.