Sewer Line Broke In Your Remodeled Landscape? Secure The Mess With These Tips

If you recently remodeled your landscape, the last thing you might expect to happen is for your sewer line to break. But if your sewer line does break, take immediate action to keep the leaking wastewater confined to one area of your yard. Wastewater contains all sorts of pathogens that can contaminant your landscape and home, including feces and parasites. Secure your landscape with the tips below.

Construct a Barrier Around the Area

In order to keep sewage water and waste from contaminating your entire landscape, isolate the area as soon as possible. Although the sewer line is underground, water can still seep to the surface. Some of this waste can travel to different areas around your yard and make it difficult to clean up later. You want to avoid extra cleanup by constructing a large barrier around the leak area.

Place something absorbent, such as sandbags, around the site. Many homeowners use sandbags to keep flood water out of their homes. Be sure to use bags filled with coarse, well-packed sand to help you accomplish the job. Also, place, or stack, the bags on top of each other to prevent sewage water from passing through them.

After you isolate the contaminated site, contact a plumber to help you repair the line.

Fix Your Broken Sewer Line

You don't want to wait to fix your broken sewer line. A broken sewer line can wreak havoc on your home if it allows raw sewage to back up into your plumbing system. In addition, the water seeping out of the ground can eventually create a large cesspool in your yard. The odors released by the cesspool can be dangerous for anyone who has allergies and other respiratory problems. By having a plumber repair the line, you keep your landscape, home, and family safe.

A plumber will need to assess the situation with underground cameras before proceeding with the repairs. The cameras can help determine the cause and location of the broken line. The line could be compromised by tree roots, loose soil, or underground water. After a plumber knows exactly what they'll be dealing with, they can go ahead and offer the best solutions for it.

One of the solutions a plumber may offer you is trenchless sewer line repair. The trenchless method allows a plumber to repair the line without the use of large diggers and other excavating equipment. Instead, a plumber uses the trenchless method to create a new line inside the old line. The new line will help strengthen and protect the sewer line from future problems.

If you need to repair a broken sewer line but don't want to destroy your new landscape, contact a plumber, such as Knights Plumbing & Drain, about trenchless sewer line repair today.