Signs You Should Overhaul Your Plumbing System

Most plumbing problems don't call for a complete overhaul of the plumbing system. In many cases, the plumber just needs to fix the malfunctioning area. For example, a damaged pipe can be replaced so that you can use your plumbing again. However, there might come a time when your plumbing problems are just too much and you have to overhaul the whole system. Below are some of the circumstances under which overhauling your plumbing system makes sense.

Most of the Pipes Are Rusty

Corrosion is a major problem with metal plumbing pipes. For one, corroded pipes are relatively weak and can burst due to high water pressure. Secondly, corrosion can also lead to holes that can trigger water damage. Corrosion can also lead to deposits within plumbing pipes, deposits that can lead to clogging and its associated issues. Besides, no one wants to use rusty water even if it doesn't cause life-threatening health complications.

Discolored water, constant plumbing leaks, clogging, and weird taste in the water are some of the classic signs of corrosion. It's best to replace your plumbing pipes when your plumbing system has reached that point.

Most of the Pipes Leak

Corrosion is a major cause of water leaks, but it is not the only one. Your plumbing pipes can also leak water or drainage effluent if they are disconnected or if they burst due to freezing temperatures. Normal wear and tear can also lead to leakages. Settling soils and construction activities can also lead to leakages. The extent of the leakages determines whether you need to overhaul the whole system or you just need to replace a pipe or two.

The Pipes Have Reached Their Life Expectancy

Plumbing pipes don't last forever; they have different life expectancies depending on the material. For example, galvanized steel can last up to 50 years while cast iron can last up to 100 years. It makes sense to replace the plumbing pipes when they reach their life expectancy. A delay can lead to emergency breakdowns of the pipes that can cause expensive water damages.

You Have Discovered Dangerous Materials

You should also overhaul your plumbing pipes if you discover that they have dangerous materials. Say you have just bought a house and realized some of the plumbing materials contain lead or asbestos. In such a case, a replacement of the pipes is a matter of urgency since such materials can cause dangerous health effects.  

Reach out to a plumbing contractor near you to learn more.