3 Possible Reasons Why Your Electric Bill Can Go Up Due To Your Water Well

Your water well pump obviously has to use electricity so that it can operate. This is normal, but if there is something wrong with your water well, it might use a lot more power than is normal. If your electric bill is expensive and you think your water well might be to blame, these are a few possible things that you need professional help

1. You're Using Your Well a Lot More Often

For one thing, if you are using your well a lot more often than you normally do -- such as if you have been watering your lawn or if you have had guests over and have therefore been using a lot more water than usual -- you can expect for your electric bill to go up because of the extra use. Reducing water use when you can will help you conserve a precious resource and reduce your electric bills, so look for possible ways to reduce use.

2. Your Pump Turns Off and On Constantly

Of course, your water well uses power each time that it turns off and on. If there is something wrong with your check valve, for example, your well pump will not know when to turn off. This can cause it to turn off and on a lot, which is a waste of electricity. You may need to have your check valve or another essential part of your water well pump system replaced so that this problem will not continue.

3. Your Pump is Blocked

If your water well pump is blocked, such as if it's blocked with sand, then your water well pump has to work much harder than usual in order to pump water from your well. This leads to added electric use, which can obviously cause your electric bill to go up. The clog can cause problems with your well pump, too, so it should be addressed as soon as possible if you'd like to prevent further problems.

You probably don't want to face expensive electric bills because of your well, and you probably want to get to the bottom of whatever is wrong with your water well so that you can ensure that it keeps working properly. The reasons above are some of the possible reasons why your water well is causing your electric bill to go up, but a well pump professional like Action Well & Pump Repair can diagnose your well and get to the bottom of the issue.