3 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Pipes

You depend on your plumbing pipes to work day in and day out when you need them. You depend on your pipes to bring water into your home and to carry wastewater away from your home. Over the years, your pipes may get worn out. They can thin, leak, and even burst! Luckily, there are steps you can take in order to ensure that you get as many years as possible out of your pipes.

Keep Your Water Pressure Regulated

You should know how fast the water is going through your pipes. You can install a water pressure gauge so you can regulate the water pressure in your home.

If the water pressure is too high, your pipes and connections are going to wear out at a faster rate than they should. Keeping your water pressure lower will put less pressure on your pipes and allow you to get more out of them.

Avoid Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

The chemical drain cleaners that so innocently sit on the shelves at the grocery store can do some real harm to your pipes. Chemical drain cleaners are extremely toxic, and although they can eat away at whatever is blocking up your pipes, they will also eat away at your pipes at the same time.

If you have clogged pipes, try natural pipe cleaning methods, such as hot water, baking soda, and vinegar. Or call in a plumber, who will use professional plumbing tools to remove the clog. Chemical drain cleaners should only be used as a last resort, as they can do some serious long-term damage to your pipes, especially if you use them on a regular basis.

Get Your Drains Professionally Cleaned

One way to ensure that you are never in an emergency situation with your drains is by getting your drains professionally cleaned every few years. Even if you use strainers, gunk is going to build up inside of your drains. Fats inside of soaps can stick to the walls of your pipes, and lint is famous for sticking around in your pipes.

Getting your drains professionally cleaned every few years by a professional will help to keep your drains flowing well and will help keep your pipes in good condition as well.

If you notice your pipes are clogged, leaking, or otherwise damaged, don't ignore this damage! Get a licensed plumber out to fix the damage. Install a water pressure gauge to regulate the water pressure, get your drains cleaned regularly, and call in a professional when you have a clogged drain. Taking all of these steps can greatly increase the life of your plumbing.