Possible Signs That Your Water Well Pump Needs A Little Assistance

Water wells are essential in providing individuals with water in certain areas of the country. Wells are highly sophisticated now, with a great deal of technology and equipment that ensure consistent pressure and potable water. However, you may notice some issues on occasion, and some problems may indicate that your well pump is failing. Find out about a few of the issues, what they mean, and how you can troubleshoot the initial issue.

No Water Flow 

No water flow within the home is a serious problem, and it may indicate that your well pump is not working. However, it can also mean that one of several other issues have developed. So, you want to investigate the problem before calling in a professional. Start by checking your breaker box to make sure that electricity is still flowing to all components of the well water system. If there is electricity, then you want to look at the gauge on the pressure tank, which should be located right outside your well.

The tank pressure will vary depending on the tank that you own. However, you should see that the pressure in the tank is slightly lower than the tank's cut-in pressure. Most tanks will remain at around 2 psi lower than the setting. If you want to locate this setting to see if the pressure is accurate, you can check the manual for this. 

If you note that the gauge says there is 0 pressure in the tank, then you want to check to see if there is any water inside. Use the drainage outlet or spigot on the tank and open it to see if any water drains out. If little to no water drains out, then there is a good chance that the water well pump has failed. Contact your well professional as soon as possible.

Inconsistent Water Pressure

If you notice that water pressure fluctuates or that water is spurting out of the faucet, then this may be another sign that your well pump is failing. In this case, the pump may be overworked due to wear and tear and old age. The pump may then only work periodically or for short periods of time. This creates reduced pressure in the holding tank and low flow of water to the home.

There may be some other reasons for the poor pressure, though, like the accumulation of debris in the sediment filter. This filter is located along the supply line that runs from the well pump to the containment tank, so clear it out, clean it, and replace it. 

Also, there may be a blockage in the water filtration and water softening system. Perform maintenance on these parts of the water system and then test your pressure again. If the pressure does not change, then have the well pump looked at. 

Contact a company that offers water well pump repair services to learn more.