When A Pipe Bursts, Spring Into Action

Having a pipe burst is quite a scary experience. In the heat of the moment, it is easy to lose your senses and freeze, unsure of what to do first. That's why this guide is so important. You can read it when everything is fine and your pipes are in good shape, and then keep the information stored away in your brain so that if you ever do face a burst pipe, you know exactly what to do.

Step 1: Try to turn the water off

Yes, you should try to do this even before you call a plumber. For every second you waste, additional gallons of water will pour out onto the floor. The easiest solution is usually to head straight to the water main valve and turn it off. This will turn off all the water to your home, which will definitely stop the water from spewing out. If you know where a smaller valve associated with the particular leaking pipe is located, then you can turn that valve off instead — but this is not the time to be fiddling around with various valves and figuring out which one leads where.

Step 2: Call the plumber

With the water off, you can now safely take a moment to call a plumber. If it is after-hours, make sure you call a plumber who offers emergency services. You might get an answering service that asks you for some basic information and then tells you the plumber will call you back in a few minutes. This is normal; many emergency plumbers use these services to screen their calls late at night so they're not constantly woken by non-emergency calls.

Step 3: Start bailing out the water

While you are waiting for the plumber to arrive, start bailing out the water. The less time the water is in contact with the walls, flooring, and other materials, the less damage it will do. You can bail the water out with a bucket. If you have a sump pump, let the sump pump do the hard work; you can just sweep the water towards it and into the pit. Make sure you remove any wet items that you want to save and put them somewhere dry.

Before long, your plumber should arrive on the scene. They can repair the pipe, restore your water supply, and if needed, recommend a water damage restoration team to come fix the damage. 

Having a pipe burst is always horrific, but if you follow the steps above, you'll handle the situation well. Call an emergency plumbing service for more information.