Are Your Home’s Drains Blocked? 3 Drain Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Dealing with a blocked drain in the house can be frustrating. You can notice signs of clogged drains anywhere from the kitchen sink to the interior laundry pipes. Unfortunately, signs that your drains are blocked are hard to ignore. The pipes will overflow, produce some gurgling sounds as water passes, or have a foul smell in some cases.

Ignoring the signs of a blocked drain only causes further issues in your home. The best solution is to clean these pipes. However, without the right skills, you are likely to make some drain cleaning mistakes. Here are some mistakes to avoid when cleaning your drains.

1. Cleaning With Damaging Chemicals

The market offers a wide range of drain cleaning chemicals to get off any waste stuck in your pipes. However, some of them only provide a temporary solution, while some won't work at all. All it does is add to the damage in your pipes. So, be keen to find the right cleaners for your drainage.

You might want to conduct thorough research both online and in local shops when buying drain cleaning chemicals. It is also good to get recommendations from experienced plumbers on the best cleaning solutions to use. The experts have been doing this for a while and know which cleaning chemicals work best.

2. Using the Wrong Plunger

Most people opt for the old-fashioned plunger to clear away a clogged drain. However, different drains require different types of plungers. So, strive to find the right plunger for your drainage system. For instance, toilet plungers tend to have a flat bottom, while sink plungers have a cup shape at the bottom.

Apart from using the right plunger, you must know the ideal techniques to use. The plunger must be placed correctly on the drainage so that it is completely sealed. You can then use slow up and down movements to pump the drain. Quick plunge movements are messy and are not effective in clearing a drain blockage.

3. Sticking the Wrong Things Down the Drain

It is not uncommon for homeowners to use any tool at home to clear a drain clog. That could be anything from a broom handle to a coat hanger. Such tactics may work when clearing a ball of hair close to the surface. However, they are not ideal when dealing with a severe blockage.

Most times, what you are doing is pushing the backup further and causing a more serious issue. If you lack the proper drain cleaning tools, call in a plumber since they are well-equipped for the job.

It is common for homeowners to make mistakes when cleaning their drains. That's why you should leave the work to the professionals. Professional plumbers have the skills and gear for an effective drain cleaning process. Therefore, they will have your drains clean and clear within no time. Moreover, they offer reliable services at affordable prices.