Renewable Energy Upgrades To Consider For Your Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is the perfect opportunity to add renewable energy to your home. There are many options to consider, such as solar hot water heaters, floor heating powered by solar energy or geothermal HVAC upgrades to provide energy for HVAC and other mechanical systems. Here are some of the renewable energy upgrades to consider for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects: 1. Geothermal Energy for HVAC And More When You Remodel Read More 

Orange Stains On The Basement Floor? Why It May Be Your Water Heater

If you have recently gone down into your basement and spotted large, undulating orange stains on the floor, these are water stains. You may wonder how water stains could be orange, as well as how those stains got there. Well, the problem may actually be your water heater. You should call a plumber for water heater repair. Read the following for more information. Orange Equals Rust Orange stains equal rust. It means that the water that formed these stains on your basement floor flowed through something that was exceedingly rusty, hence the orange discoloration. Read More 

Prepping Your Home For Summer Fun? 3 Ways To Get Your Plumbing Ready For The Added Use

Summer is coming. Is your plumbing ready for the additional use? You might not realize this, but when summer hits, your plumbing works overtime. Between having the kids home for the summer and inviting guests into your home, your plumbing is going to be working round-the-clock this summer. Here are three easy steps you can take to get your plumbing ready for the onslaught. Install New Faucets and Fixtures When summer hits, you can see your water bills increase exponentially. Read More 

3 Important Furnace Maintenance Tips

When it comes to air conditioner and heating issues, making sure that your furnace is well maintained should be high up on your priority list. When the frigid winter months roll in, you will definitely want your furnace to be in good working order. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you will learn of a few ways that you can take care of your furnace. Furnace Inspection It is recommended that you replace your furnace's air filters on a regular basis. Read More 

4 Simple Factors That May Contribute To An Excessively Cold Room

Certain rooms seem cursed to remain cold, no matter how high you crank your thermostat. Yet with the right knowledge, solving this problem may not require having to call a professional HVAC repair person. If you would like to increase your understanding of home heating systems, read on. This article will discuss four factors that may be at the root of your excessively cold room. The Register Though you may not be familiar with its proper name, the register is the rectangular grate usually located along the base of a wall. Read More